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Things To Do In Las Cruces, NM

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Beautiful City In Southern New Mexico

Las Cruces is a fun family destination and great alternative to anyone travelling to New Mexico. Nestled in the fertile Mesilla Valley, Las Cruces, NM is increasingly growing popular and becoming a top destination. The best places to visit are the historical sites and national monuments all located a little than an hour from Las Cruces. For activities and events, there is a spectacular all-year-round golf, several unique special events and world-class Mexican foods. Las Cruces is a city that blends culture, historical sites and unique attractions coupled with an all-year round superb weather of 320 sunshine days per year.

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Enjoy Mexican food

If you’re thinking of eating some spicy and hot food, then Las Cruces offers just the best Mexican foods for you. Did you know that there are about 300 restaurants and a great deal serve Mexican meals? When you’re in New Mexico, don’t leave without enjoying a meal with the state Vegetable- the Green chile. Enjoy this meal in one of the local restaurants to experience a traditional chile Mexican dish. You could also go off a beaten path to try out other specialty plates.


The city’s Museum’s offers an attractive complex and is striking to all. The best museums that truly appreciate Mexican culture include the White Sands National monument, Las Cruces Museum of Nature and The Branigan’s Culture center. Las Cruces Museum attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. It features a massive exhibition space with an art instructions for all ages, including love Family art.

The White Sands National Monument is a 275 square miles of white gypsum dunes. It is a spectacular scenery not available elsewhere. The magnificent pure dunes provide an excellent option for recreational opportunities. Visitors can picnic within the sand surf or stroll the amazing national monument. Other activities here will include Sunset Stroll walk and full moon evening programs.

Festivity and fun days

Come fall, temperatures become cool and the festivities pick a new start. Festivities kick off at the Labor Day weekend with the famous Hatch Chile Festival. You will find Las Cruces’ inhabitants welcoming, participating in any of their events will be a fun and memorable experience. In mid-September, you cannot miss the festival where Mesilla celebrates the Mexican-American heritage. It is accompanied with a parade and dancing till midnight.

Outdoor Recreation

With more than 320 days of sunshine, Las Cruces offers its visitors a chance to enjoy an array of activities all year round. Golf courses in New Mexico are among the finest of all. Explore the mountain biking and hiking trails for adventurous exploits. If temperatures rise quite high, just cool down at the Aquatic center. Las Cruces has exciting activities for visitors all year round.

Going to Las Cruces from other cities in New Mexico is like going to a whole new state. There are plenty of friendly streets from historical sites, galleries, local museums and alternative art venues. If tired with the desert, head for the mountains. Take your camera with you so as to show your friends the thrilling day’s activities.