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What You Need To Know About El Paso TX

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El Paso City In The Heart of TexasEl Paso TX is located along the Rio Grande River in the Chihuahua Desert of Western Texas. The city adjoins Mexico and the state of New Mexico. It is also midway between Houston and Los Angeles in the Mountain Time Zone. It has a classic Western geography and shares an international border with Ciudad Juarez. As a result, Mexico’s rich culture saturates in El Paso from its cuisine and celebrations to Architecture and art. The city has an area of 248 sq. miles making it the 22nd largest city in the US and 4th in Texas. The following is a detailed look at the greatest aspects of this city.

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History of El Paso

Spanish conquistadors were the first Europeans to find their way across the Rio Grande River. They named the passage El Paso del Rio Norte until 1598 when Don Juan de Onate colonized the area and officially named it El Paso TX. In 1659, the first Spanish-Indian settlement was established in the area who later founded the oldest settlement in Texas in 1682 with the help of Tigua Indians and Spanish masters. The first U.S. Army post was built in the area in 1849 to protect the settlers from Comanche and Apaches. In 1873, the settlement became a city and in 1881, the Southern-Pacific Railroad was opened establishing an east-west gateway into Mexico.

El Paso TX Culture

The culture of this great city can be described as a combination of Southwestern and Southern features with many settlements and ethnic groups in many locations. The city is located in a border region between the United States and the Atlantic World. Its culture features a separation and blending of culture of different people who originally come with them to Texas. Some of the major cultural practices include;

Cowboy and ranching culture: It is a strong tradition that has significance on American cowboy culture, especially in rodeo where cowboy show their skill wrestling steers, roping calves and riding broncos.

Rodeo: It is an official Sport of El Paso, Texas that begins with trail rides from several points throughout the state. The event is held at Reliant Park and includes typical rodeo events and concert performances from carnival rides and major artists.

Fair arts: Texas architecture comes from a wide variety of sources although most buildings are from Mexican and Spanish roots with considerable influence from Southwest and American South. The city has been a center for musical innovation for a long time and the locals have pioneered significant musical developments such as jazz, punk rock, country music and industrial music.

Cuisine: Some of the important aspects of El Paso TX cuisine include the local fusion of Mexican, Texas barbecue and Tex-Mex cuisines.

Entertainment In El Paso Texas

The city offers many destinations where you can get entertained. Some of the best entertainment centers include Game Zone for gaming and Ascarate Lake for recreational activities such as picking and fishing. Other centers include Bob O’s Family Fun Center, Creative Kids Inc, El Paso Zoo and Funtastic Punch.

El Paso Sports Scene

El Paso TX is home to many national sports league franchises and other professional sports. Most teams are part of the South/Central or West league divisions because the city is located in the South Central US. Many locals are passionate about American football, baseball, gymnastics, basketball, horse racing, ice hockey, soccer, collegiate and rodeo. Moreover, the city has many sports venues that include Kidd Field, Patriot Stadium, Sun Bowl Stadium and Memorial Gymnasium.