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Traveling to Colorado Springs CO

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Colorado Springs COColorado Springs CO is considered to be one of the first destination resorts in the country. It’s not the second largest city in the United States, and offers a lot to tourists. The pleasant climate and natural beauty attract numerous tourists from around the world. These people visit the city to admire the Garden of the Gods, majestic Pikes Peak and many other tourist destinations in the city.

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Various Attractions In Colorado Springs CO

Colorado Springs offers a lot to tourists. With numerous sights, the monumental Front Range, historic Air Force Academy, fine-arts museum and other major scenic spots, Colorado Springs has become a popular destination for all kinds of wanderers. The city was also able to overcome two devastating wildfires, which destroyed more than 800 homes.

When you visit Colorado Springs, you can get a better understanding of the area by dividing it into 3 different neighborhoods connected by Hwy 24 and East-West Colorado Ave. A lot of travelers visit Manitou Springs. It’s located right beneath Pikes Peak. The area is navigable on foot.

The Old Colorado City is located on the eastern side of the city. The Old City area was founded in 1860. The Wild West dens host souvenir shops and restaurants. The Garden of the Gods is located on the northern side. Last but not the least, the city spreads further in the east across Interstate 25.

When to Visit Colorado Springs CO

The best months to visit Colorado Springs are between September to November and March to May. During these months, you can easily find comfortable and cooler temperatures. In addition to this, fewer crowds lead to bargain rates. Foliage is another major advantage for tourists visiting the place in fall.

When you visit the city during these months, you can expect to witness majestic mountains with oranges, yellows and reds in the background. Warm summer temperatures draw a lot of visitors in droves. This leads to price hikes and congested attractions. It can be pleasant to visit the city in winter season. However, a lot of hotels close during winter season.

Getting Around Colorado Springs

According to experts, the most effective way to get around the city is via car. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in the city, including Pikes Peak, can’t be reached on foot. You need to drive from the city center. There are many people who plan to spend the day in downtown city or near Manitou Springs. In this regard, a comfortable pair of shoes would suffice for a walk to these places.

It’s quite easy to rent a vehicle in the city. You can rent on at the Municipal Airport or town area. The airport is located around 11 miles in the east. In addition to this, Colorado Springs offers an affordable bus system with 18 different routes. Most of these buses start and end in the city’s downtown area.

It’s worth mentioning that bus services in the city cater well to local commuters rather than tourists. They offer reliable yet limited service. Another good option to get around the city is to travel via four wheels. Numerous bike lanes in the city give you a good chance to just hop on a bike and travel the city without any problems.

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