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Albuquerque NM - Psychic Readings - Tarot Cards, Palm, Aura, Spirtual healing, Spiritual Guidance, Spiritual ProtectionsThere are very few urbanized areas in the world that still have a rich culture, traditional values, and a balanced cosmopolitan characteristic. These are aspects that make Albuquerque NM an inimitable and fascinating place. In as much as the city is full of modern elements, there are hints of the original dwellers of the areas that are well preserved. It’s desert like characteristics gives one an in depth meaning of scale making it a place worth getting acquainted with.

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Location and Geography

Albuquerque is located in the southern part of North America, in Bernalillo County in New Mexico State. The city is more or less in the central part of New Mexico with a total area of around 490 square kilometers.


The city has an excellent history that dates back to the year 1706 when Fransisco Cuervo named the city Albuquerque from the existence of cork oats. Prior to that, it was a village primarily occupied by Native Americans. Spanish settlers continued moving into the city mainly because they were attracted by its strategic trading location, pasture for sheep and manageable climate.

By the year 1891, the city was completely incorporated.

Historical Timeline

1706: named by Fransisco Cuervo

1709: the city grows due to Spanish settlers. The Spanish government builds a military garrison in the city.

1793: first church built in the city

1821: city is fully incorporated

1846-1867: Americans occupy the city.

1893: the Mexican government builds a military garrison

Early 1900’s: the city grows its population to 8000 people and has continued to increase gradually.


The main economic sectors of the city include trade, manufacturing, and the government. The strategic location of the city makes it easily accessible. Way even before it was a city, Albuquerque NM has been a trading center.

Urbanization brought more development of transport infrastructure thus improving and escalating trading activities. Currently, the city forms a trade link with Mexico and other regions. Atomic energy and space explorations are some of the new endeavors of the city. The numerous modern developments make the city the heart of all the industrial activities in New Mexico.

The rate of unemployment is quite low at around 5%. This indicates that the city is doing well economically.


Albuquerque NM is of cosmopolitan nature with a high population. In the year 2010, the total population was more than half a million people. More than half the population (around 69%) are white, 15% makes other races, 4.6% are Native Americans while the lowest percentage is composed of Asians and African Americans.

Culture and Art

Albuquerque is composed of culture mainly brought by the Spanish settlers. The maintenance of culture is supported by the County Council funds for art. The historic old town and the Nob Hill area represent the Spanish cultural housing and way of life. The food is primarily from the Spanish culture with Green Chile being the main cuisine.

Through the public funds, the County Council can support around 30 art groups, art centers, theaters and even museums. The art groups mostly present traditional dances and plays from the various communities. The Ovation Series is an orchestra group known for their outstanding orchestra performance.

There are annual celebrations such as the Fiery Food Barbeque, Fiesta Artistica, Dancing, Pow Wow, The Indian Traders Market and the Craft Festival to celebrate ethnic heritage.


Sightseeing is a satisfactory recreation activity. From the Rio Grande, the Old Town, the museums, the winding cobblestone and the brick walkways, it is impossible to run out of options.

There are also numerous sporting activities for the sports lovers. Some of the festival activities like barbecuing are taken as sports. Outdoor games like football and indoor games like squash are also found in some spas and recreational centers. Albuquerque NM is known for softball which one can learn and play in public recreational areas and privately owned centers.

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